The New Akasha

by Super User
on 07 April 2015

After nearly 10 years Akasha changes almost all singers for a new generation of singers, more focused on the voice and the emotion of the music, the new show is very different but much more focused on raw talent. The vocals harmonies and unique voice, make a show Akasha much better suited to the new trend.
For those who have seen the new show, we would like your comments:

Originating from the province of Quebec, Canada, the members of Akasha are perfectly bilingual, in French and in English. Their musical talent is influenced by the British, the Americans and the French cultures. Each member has studied music then learned their trade in the bars and festivals of Quebec. The group took form under the watchful skills of producer Bernard Michaud, he decide to form a group of five girls by choosing each single one of them amongst more than 200 candidates. They were chosen for their charisma, their unique voices and their exemplary attitude by their will to succeed, their ability to work in a group and their vibrant energy on stage.

They are beautiful, spontaneous, and they have lots of talent, and they have worked relentlessly in preparing a unique show, one of its’ kind which was produced in the largest showrooms in the world such as at the Sands Casino of Macau, at the Spectrum and Métropolis of Montréal, at the Taj Mahal Casino, at the Harrahs Casino, at the Trump Marina, in the Tropicana Casino of Atlantic city, in the city of Quebec, amongst many others. Accompanied by musicians with more than 30 years of experience , Zach Framton on keyboard, Jeff Hamel on guitar and Patrice Bélanger on drums, they ensure a musical sonority without fault and a team spirit of the utmost professionalism. Veronica, Kate, Maya, Lucy-Ann and Rosie have succeeded where others have failed, they remain, and can guarantee that their first album to be out in the fall of 2015 will make of them an even more accomplished group but as they will inspire the next generation of young singers.

 Akasha, a group who was nothing but a dream has now become reality. Their diversification enables them to interpret Hip Hop, R&B, disco music, rock'n'roll and as well of many other styles. Their contagious energy in front of the crowds is their most positive feature, their choreographies in original settings and blazing costumes, creates an environment of festivities which will make you want to dance all night step .

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