It was in 1995 that Bernard Michaud then musicians, returned from a tour of three months in Dubai, decided to become a foreign agent and to train artists for this new market, opening the door to many Quebec musicians and also from around the world.

In 2005, Ricky Edwards and Bernard Michaud decide by mutual agreement to part anyway but to work together on some projects.
C.R. Productions International becomes the exclusive agency of Bernard Michaud .

In June 2001, Ricky Edwards asks Bernard Michaud to joining his agent team working primarily in Quebec.

In 2006, CRProductions International partners with Feldman and Associates and Casey Boyle agent, thereby expanding its scope to several other Asian countries.

In 2003, Bernard Michaud develops CR Productions International branch from which will be called CR Productions International.

In 2007, another association is created, this time on the side of the USA with Entertainment Northeast administered by Yves Descoteaux that works successfully with all the casinos of Atlantic City, New York, Philadelphia and Detroit.