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on 18 January 2014

Mostly known as Disha, Dilsad Calkavur was born in 1989 and raised in Turkey. As well as being a brilliant singer, she is also a teacher of English language and an excellent event manager with a great deal of experience in music, opera and ballet festivals both in Turkey and in United Kingdom where she studied for her master’s. She participated in pollyphonic choirs, took Opera classes in both Turkey and Czech Republic and actively participated as a first Soprano at University of Central Lancashire’s Musical Theatre Society in showcases of several musicals such as Rent, Sweeney Todd, West Side Story, Les Miserables, Hairspray and many more. After the completion of her studies, she got accepted by Berklee College of Music for the department of Professional Music/Vocal Performance, due to personal reasons she could’t attend to complete this rare opportunity and achievement.

 Her musical journey continued within show bands performing at music venues in Ankara, Turkey while she was managing artists at The Directorate General of Turkish Opera and Ballet from all around the world and opera companies from Beijing, Seoul, Vienna, Tallin for the festivals held in Turkey. As a dedicated traveler, Disha found herself putting her passion for music into a better reality by starting working for the world’s largest cruise line, Carnival, as a showband singer with amazingly talented musicians in 6 or 9 piece-bands. Doing what she does the best while travelling all over the world, Caribbeans, South America, Europe and North America, she got to enhance her performance skills in a big variety of genres and songs for about 2,5 years. Her main focus has always been delivering a fun and memorable musical experience for her audience along with her extraordinary communication skills. Alongside with writing her own songs in different genres and composing tv scores, she is currenlty looking for a new opportunity to take her performing experiences to another level in a culturally different place like Asia, where she spent her 1 year in and would love to live more of.


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