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on 18 January 2014

Mic Myette: Guitars, Vocals
As a guitarist, Mic working on the rock scene since 1980. At that time, was the guitarist Mic Stormbringer group.Thereafter he played with Sidewinder alongside Stéphane Dufour, Flying Circus and then Heavens Cry to mention only these. You may have recently seen the Harley-Davidson Show since 1997 to present including alongside Nanette Workman, Michel Pagliaro, Martin Deschamps and Breen Leboeuf. It was guitarist and co-founder of Jurassic Rock group from 2002 to 2006. Mic recorded an album with Julien Valiquette as the "Phoenix Eye" in 2001 can be heard also today with two musicals:
From Rock to Opera and Cinemashow; also accompanied Alain Couture (former Mercedes Band), Sylvie Desgroseilliers, Marie-Chantal Toupin and many others. He currently plays alongside Éric Lapointe. Legend says that Mic has sold his soul to rock and roll ....

Russel Labadie: Battery
As drummer Russel performs on stages rocks for 30 years, has the time being, one of the co-founders of the group Stormbringer, it evolved throughout Quebec alongside Mic Myette. He continued thereafter with the latter in the Midnight Sun and Flying Circus groups. Russel recorded on the album Delta Zone group before joining the first tribute band Led Zeppelin, Michael White & The White. More recently, he was part of several groups whose tributes Black Sabbath, Sabbatum and Holy Sabbath and several original groups whose Dreadful Thoughts with which he was co-producer and mastering engineer for the album Demise of the blind. Rumor has it that Russell has more than a music store batteries can spread in his own showroom ...
THE BEAST: voice
He carved his life in the rock. Author, composer and performer, accumulating 25 years of music and moving, among others, Zanchin (album 1992), Perry White, Iron and Budd Avenue. He worked in the studio with Jeff Nystrom, Jeff Smallwood, Daniel Barbe and Steve Segal, to name a few. There is now a proud member of Mic Myette & The Live Animals. It is said that on stage, it would be owned by the beast ... hence his pseudonym.
Johnny Huot: Bass and Vocals
A bassist best known in Montreal for over 25 years, Johnny has made his mark with several courses on the art scene. Flying Circus, Baby Boom, Threshold and whiskey are just a few examples with which Johnny worked. A bass sound of hell and a magic touch very well describe the exceptional talent of this ace bass. Johny Huot is currently the bassist Mic Myette & The Live Animals.



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